Welsh Public Health Conference 2015

Curious about WDDCP and digital data collection for research projects? We will be presenting the platform and our work during the upcoming Welsh Public Health Conference in Cardiff on the 2nd-3rd of November 2015 at the SWALEC stadium. For more information and to sign up to the event please visit the conference website.

If you would like to meet us during the event and get a demonstration of the platform, please let us know so we can prepare something relevant to your work.

Health Innovation Conference (Cwm Taf UHB)

“The Health Innovation Conference offers the opportunity for health professionals to come together to discuss potential projects and innovative ideas for the future of healthcare.”

The platform has been allocated a stand for the upcoming Health Innovation Conference on the 5th of October 2015. We will be demonstrating the devices, how they have been used in various settings and what the WDDCP can do for your team.

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Health Technology Challenge Wales

We have now launched our proposal for the Health Technology Challenge Wales (HTCW), which allows healthcare, industry and academics to come together to discuss and solve problems. A panel will then evaluate the proposals, followed by shortlisting and interviews. Projects can be award up to £25,000 to solve the identified problem. To view our proposal and vote, please visit the IdeaScale website.

“Paper-based forms of data collection throughout the NHS are flawed. They have numerous problems including poor security of data, delays from collection to data analysis, risk of transcription errors when entered into a computer and risk of poor completion and missing or illegible entry.

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Data Collection Completed For First National Study Using WDDCP

This morning at 08:00 more than 160 medical students completed the data collection phase of the 2015 Sepsis Study. More than 1300 digital forms were collected over 24 hours in 16 acute hospitals throughout Wales. That is a 4x increase in sites and data collected from the 2014 study.

Over the next few months we will work hard to complete a methodology paper to showcase how the WDDCP was essential for completing a study on this scale.

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Date For First National Study Confirmed

The date for the 2015 Sepsis Study has now been confirmed. The study will take place on the 17th of June 2015 from 08:00 to 07:59 on the 18th of June and utilise the WDDCP to collect data. Over the next month Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS) will be recruiting 16 medical students to act as Hospital Leads (HLs) and 150-200 students to complete the data collection.

To complete the data collection digitally, 60 android tablet devices have been purchased to improve the data collection and analysis process. Once customised the devices will be distributed to the HLs during an upcoming training session.

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First National Study To Use WDDCP Proposed – RRAILS

During the Rapid Response to Acute Illness (RRAILS) meeting in Cardiff today, a proposal to replicate the 2014 sepsis study by the Size of Sepsis in Wales Study Group on a national scale was announced.

The proposed study will take place in June 2015 and include 18 hospitals across Wales over 24 hours. The data collection will once again be completed by medical students from Cardiff University, working in collaboration with the Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS).

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