Health Technology Challenge Wales

We have now launched our proposal for the Health Technology Challenge Wales (HTCW), which allows healthcare, industry and academics to come together to discuss and solve problems. A panel will then evaluate the proposals, followed by shortlisting and interviews. Projects can be award up to £25,000 to solve the identified problem. To view our proposal and vote, please visit the IdeaScale website.

"Paper-based forms of data collection throughout the NHS are flawed. They have numerous problems including poor security of data, delays from collection to data analysis, risk of transcription errors when entered into a computer and risk of poor completion and missing or illegible entry.

We propose the development of a Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform that can be utilised by researchers across the Welsh NHS that can solve the above problems by digitising data collection at the point of entry using tablets or smartphone devices. This will simplify data collection, reduce data entry errors, allow navigation logic to determine questions to be displayed, store and transmit data securely and allow export in a single unified format to allow instantaneous post-data collection analysis."