Put simply, the WDDCP is a platform for collecting data for research, audits and surveys electronically using bespoke tablet devices or the data collector's own personal device.

We believe that paper-based forms of data collection throughout the NHS are flawed. They have numerous problems including poor security of data, delays from collection to data analysis, risk of transcription errors when entered into a computer and risk of poor completion and missing or illegible entry.

The Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform was therefore created to be utilised by researchers across Wales that can solve the above problems by digitising data collection at the point of entry using tablets or smartphone devices.

The resulting benefits are:


  • Simplified the data collection
  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Navigation logic to determine questions to be displayed
  • Storage and transmission of data securely
  • Export into a single unified format (Excel)
  • Instantaneous post-data collection analysis

Our platform is based on open source software (FOSS) that is supported by an active development group. Why? Relying on proprietary software and solutions means you are always at the mercy of the software owner. With Open Data Kit and Enketo all development information and documentation is freely available to all, meaning we (and you) are always in control of what we use.


There are two alternatives for using the WDDCP. You can either use our bespoke and locked down devices or allow data collectors to use their own. See the table below for a comparison and demonstrations.


ODK Collect Android Application
ODK Vector

Platform: Android only
Use: Best suited for projects requiring an extra level of security through device-level encryption or where data will be collected from specific locations.
Offline storage: Supported
Encryption: Device-level and SSL
More information

Enketo online form

Platform: Any (mobile and desktop)
Use: Best suited for larger-scale collaborative and surveillance projects where data collectors are able to use personal devices.
Offline storage: Supported
Encryption: SSL only
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The data collection framework we are using is OpenDataKit. We are currently operating in the following way:

  • The devices are Tesco Hudl 2 tablets running Android. We have secured them by locking down the ‘admin’ account with a PIN.
  • A separate restricted account is then created with access to limited apps, specifically the data collection app, ODK Collect.
  • There is no browser or camera access or ability to access app store etc. The ‘restricted’ account can also optionally have any level of login protection, PIN, Password etc.
  • We use Cerberus security app to have the ability to remotely track, lock, wipe and otherwise disable the device’s if necessary.
  • Data is collected on pre-designed data collection form in the ODK Collect app running on Android
  • Data is encrypted after form completion using an RSA-2048 public key (ODK only)
  • Data is transmitted to our secure server over SSL (ODK and Enketo)
  • Data is stored on the password-protected server in an encrypted format meaning security is maintained even in the event of authentication failure.
  • Data downloaded from the server using ODK Briefcase in an encrypted format (again over SSL)
  • Once data is on a local machine it is paired with the private key and decrypted producing a CSV file.


If you would like to see an example of what a form would look like for you work, please get in touch and we will create a demonstration.